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3D Printing in Tissue Engineering & Organ Printing

Tissue and Organ failure is due to by aging, illness, accidents, and birth defects. The extant treatment for these failures is replacement from a living Organ/Tissue Donor. Three-Dimensional Printing, or stereo lithography, is the way toward keeping resources in layers to shape 3D objects. Developments in this technology, together with biomaterials, will permit a patient's own cells to be used to build replacement tissues and organs for those in need. The ordinary process for bio printing 3D tissues and organs includes: Imaging, Design approach, Material/Cell determination, Printing, and Application. Imaging of the earth of the injured tissue is useful in the outline procedure, and includes the utilization of X-ray, CT scan, and MRI imaging. Minitissues are the smallest auxiliary and functional components of a tissue, similar to a kidney nephron.

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